A&N Model Trucks

Small company - big ideas from Latvia. Exclusive resin model trucks, vans and pickup trucks and asseccories since 2010.

Our website will be also take a focus on the 1:24 scale model trucks and cars in the future. We want to introduce interesting manufacturersfrom this chanel.


There is in interesting familiar manufacturer on the market that have a wild range of products of special resin sets in this segment. “A&N Model Trucks” a small family company which professionally designs, manufactures and sells model trucks and parts in scale 1/24.

They are living and working in Latvia, and are designing, manufacturing and selling our own models, and they do everything from 3D drawings to casting, including:

  • designing models using 3D software (only our own 3D drawings!);

  • making 3D models for 3D printers and CNC-milling machines;

  • manufacturing our own master patterns using our CNC-milling machine;

  • making patterns for photo-etched parts;

  • making patterns for decals;

  • making moulds using our master patterns;

  • and, finally they cast our kits in our workshop


The are more categories on the company website ( webshop ). Big trucks, small trucks, vans, pick up and asseccories on the range.

My favorite van is of the range is the "German panel van “M-S”. 5.5 ton, normal. Full resin kit, 1/24" at the moment.

5.5 ton “M-S” panel van (wheelbase 3665 mm) full resin kit. No donor kit required! Highly detailed replica of the newest German panel van.

Kit features:

  • Highly detailed interior of cab;

  • Highly detailed rear and front suspension;

  • Can be built with opened rear doors;

  • Highly detailed tires and rims included to the kit;

  • Available with right and left handed drive dashboard;

Kit contains 188 parts including:

  • 126 high-quality resin parts;

  • 45 photo-etched parts;

  • 13 clear resin parts;

  • 4 clear acetate parts for cab glazing;

Also kit contains:

  • approx. 20 resin bolts 1mm (not presented on the picture);

  • 24 resin bolts 0.8 mm

  • tape for seatbelts imitation;

  • full assembling instruction;

  • decal

You can choose the version ( left side or right side) and the color of seat belt:

And what about the price? The scale model van incl. VAT and the post cost is together: Euro: 136.83.- in case of you live in Hungary. A little bit high...

There is an interesting version of this Mercedes: Small truck “M-S”. Full resin kit, 1/24.


The biggest is the "Big Truck" category with 80 items. Cabs, full resin models, body kits, accessories, tires, rims, etc There is a wild range of Volvo cabins. Pleased note those sets are conversion kits. In the deatels have instrucon for a donor kits, for example Italeri Volvo FH4 by Swedish construction truck, sleeper cab, flat roof (Economy Line). Conversion kit, 1/24 too.

The "Australian" truck is also very interesting: Aussie T610 regular truck. Resin kit, 1/24. This is a

Kenworth truck. Highly detailed replica of new Aussie T610 truck, regular version.

This kit requires chassis! For the best results the manufactuer highly recommend to use they photo-etched chassis kit, but you still could use an Italeri’s American trucks as donor kit (all kits except Volvo VN and Peterbilt 377/378).


  • full detailed interior with leather imitation;

  • tilting bonnet;

  • fine meshes and many other photo-etched parts (almost A4 sheet in total!);

  • high quality decals;

  • 3D printed master patterns;

Kit contains 263 parts including:

  • 135 high-quality resin parts;

  • 13 clear resin parts;

  • 112 photo-etched parts;

  • 3 clear CNC-milled parts for cab’s glazing;

Also kit contains:

  • tape for seatbelt imitation;

  • approx. 50 bolts;

  • decal;

  • styrene inserts for fuel tanks;

  • assembling instruction (open as PDF-file);

In our opinion, very interesting things can be built from the manufacturer’s sets. However, the shipping cost is horrible:



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